Connect Directly to QuickBooks Desktop

Strongbox Portal subscribers have ability to connect directly to QuickBooks Desktop files that have been shared by the target company.


  • Access to QuickBooks Desktop of 2013 and newer - any flavor (Enterprise, Premier, Pro, Accounting, etc.)
  • The target client has provided you with a copy of their QuickBooks Desktop company file. This can be any file type as long you are able to open it in your copy of QuickBooks.
  • The password for the Admin account. This account is required to approve the connection with Strongbox.

Create Data Collection

There are 3 windows to move through in order to create your data collection.

1. First configure your desired options for the data collection. Make sure you have selected the radio button to Connect directly, and then click the Next button at the bottom of the dialog box in order to move forward to select the time frame you'd like to collect.


2. Now you can select the month of the current fiscal year and you can either choose to gather through that month for FYTD or you can choose up to 5 additional years of data. You can also choose your Preferred Basis of Accounting at this step as well.


3. Finally, you can select the accounting data that you want to include in the data collection. Please note that Transactions can potentially be a large data collection and may slow down the generation of workbook output. After clicking Next, you will move on to selecting your accounting system.


Select your accounting system

To share your financial reports from QuickBooks Desktop, click the button QuickBooks Desktop.

Picking QBD in Portal

Confirm connection choice

Click the green Connect to QuickBooks button to launch the Connect to QuickBooks Desktop guide. Connect Screen

Connect to QuickBooks Desktop

The new window that opens includes three steps to complete the connection to QuickBooks Desktop. 

  1. Download & Install Strongbox Connect

    Strongbox Connect only needs to be installed once. If an upgrade is available you'll be notified. If you have already installed the latest version of Strongbox Connect, you can skip this step.

    1. Download the install file using the Get Strongbox Connect button. 
      Connect Button
    2. If QuickBooks is open, please close it before opening the install file.
    3. Find the file that was downloaded and open it in order to install the latest version of Strongbox Connect.
  2. Open your QuickBooks company file as the admin user
    1. After Strongbox Connect has been installed, open your QuickBooks company file.
    2. Note: You must log in as the Admin user in order to approve access needed by Strongbox to request the necessary reports.
  3. Grant access to Strongbox Connect
    1. The first time you open a QuickBooks file as the Admin user, QuickBooks will prompt you to grant access to Strongbox Connect.
      1. Note: if you do not see the QuickBooks - Application Certificate window appear, confirm that you are logged in as an Admin user.
    2. Select Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open.
    3. Also select the checkbox Allow this application to access personal data such as social security numbers and customer credit card information.
      1. Note: Social security numbers and credit card numbers are NOT collected. This setting allows you to share high-level payroll information with Strongbox.
      QB Certification
    4. On the Access Confirmation dialogue box, click Done
      Access Confirmation
    5. Choose Continue to confirm your choice.
  4. Share with Strongbox
    1. After approving the permissions, keep the QuickBooks file open and return to the Strongbox instructions window to press the Connect to Strongbox button.

Collecting the financial reports

When the connection starts, you will see a progress meter appear in the lower-right of your screen.

Collecting Reports

On the Strongbox Portal Workspace list you'll also see an indication of an import in progress. 



You've successfully collected reports from QuickBooks Desktop for Windows!

When the Data Collection is complete, the portal will update with a success message which includes a link to the appropriate collection where you can download the completed workbook.