Disconnect Active QuickBooks Online Connections through the QBO interface

Strongbox temporarily stores an access token so that updated reports can be collected later. Users can disconnect the link through their QuickBooks Online.

When you connect to an online accounting system to create a collection in Strongbox, a token is stored temporarily - typically for 90 days.

This stored token allows Strongbox users to request updated collections from their clients when data has been updated. However, there may be times when you want to disconnect Strongbox from QBO sooner.

Users can cancel the saved link through the settings in QuickBooks Online. Here are detailed instructions on how to do so:

Disconnect an active connection from QuickBooks Online Settings:

    1. Log into your QuickBooks Online company as an Admin user.
    2. Access your connected Apps through the menu on the left.
    3. On the tab for "My Apps" find Strongbox, and select Disconnect in the actions menu.
    4. Provide answers to the questions on the next page and select Disconnect. (Note: These are usually optional to complete.)