Creating Web Service credentials in Sage Intacct using the User-based Permission Type

Log into your Sage Intacct company with Admin access and follow the steps below to create a Web Services user to connect to Strongbox.

IMPORTANT: In order to connect Sage Intacct to Strongbox an Admin user must create a Web Services user with specific read-only access. These instructions are slightly different if your Intacct company uses User-based or Role-based security.

To confirm that you are using User-based security follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Company › Setup (tab) › Company
  2. From the General Information tab, scroll to Global settings and check the Permission type setting.

If You find that your company is using Role-based, follow these alternative instructions.

Step 1 - Enable Web Services

  1. Navigate to Applications › Company › Admin (tab) › Subscriptions

  2. Scroll to the Web Services subscription and make sure it is enabled.
    Note: No additional charges will be incurred.

Step 2 - Update Web Service authorizations

  1. Navigate to Company › Setup (tab) › Company

  2. Click the Edit button (top right).
  3. Click the Security tab, scroll to Web Services Authorization, and then click the Add button.
  4. From the Web Services Sender Information dialog, enter Finagraph as the Sender ID, make sure the status is set to Active, and then click Save.
  5. Click the Save button (top right).

Step 3 - Create a Web Services User

If you have multi-entity shared environment enabled, make sure to add the Web Services User at the Top level.

  1. Navigate to Company › Admin (tab) › Web Services Users

    1. Enter Finagraph for the User ID. This is the Web Services User ID used to sign in.
    2. Enter N/A for the First name and Last name
    3. Enter a valid Email address.
    4. For User type, select Business.
    5. For Admin privileges, select Limited.
    6. Make sure the Status is set to Active.
  2. Click Save (top right).
  3. Click Ok if prompted about additional charges. No additional charges will be incurred.
  4. In the password dialog that comes up, enter your Admin password and click Done.

Step 4 - Grant permissions to the Web Services User

Depending on your Sage Intacct configuration, some of the following permissions may not appear and do not need to be configured in that case.

From the Company: User application subscriptions for Finagraph page:

  1. Click Permissions next to Administration. Check List next to Application Subscriptions and View next to Company Info. Click Save.
  2. Click Permissions next to Company and check Read Only (at the top). Click Save
  3. Click Permissions next to Accounts Payable and check Read Only. Also check View next to Payment Requests. Click Save.
  4. Click Permissions next to Accounts Receivable and check Read Only. Also check View next to Manage Payments. Click Save.
  5. Click Permissions next to General Ledger and check Read Only. Click Save.
  6. Click Permissions next to Global Consolidations and check View next to Manage Books. Click Save.
  7. Click the Save button (top right).

Step 5 - Check your email for credentials

Check your email for the credentials allocated to the Web Services User created in Step 4. These credentials can be used to connect your Sage Intacct company to Strongbox.

Step 6 - Connect with Strongbox

You are ready to connect your Sage Intacct company with Strongbox. Follow our step-by-step guide when you're ready to connect.